Does TradeMark employ their own builders?
Yes! We have actively sought to build a team of skilled tradespeople that uphold our values and standards. We believe this team is our greatest asset and are confident you will find them to be professional and courteous to deal with.

I see TradeMark operate in both Christchurch and Wellington, is TradeMark a franchise?
No. TradeMark is owned, operated, and even staffed on occasion by the same people in both locations.
We share resources and experience to offer the same seamless and professional solution to your project needs regardless of location.

Has TradeMark been around for long?
Yes! TradeMark has been around for nearly 20 years now and we’re planning on being here for plenty more! 
What can TradeMark offer that is unique?
“Our commitment to respect and value you as a person”.
Thus our emphasis on delivering a superior quality product, on time, and within budget for you is driven by our values not our wallet!
Is TradeMark big enough to handle my project?
Yes. We employ over 60 individuals in the TradeMark group, most well experienced and qualified in their area of expertise.
Cumulatively we have vast and comprehensive repertouire of successful completed projects, and happy client’s.

Whats your company's relationship with TradeMark Paving?
TradeMark Construction is a sister company to TradeMark Paving. This means that both companies are independent entities, but share administrative resources. This model ensures that we offer a professional service while retaining the dynamism of a small operator. We collaborate on jobs that involve aspects of hard and soft landscaping or full construction projects.

Do you do any civil construction work?
Yes, TradeMark owns and operates excavation equipment and is actively growing our capability in this area. We see this as a natural extension of our commercial construction and paving services and believe it enables us to control our quality standards to a greater degree.


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