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Health & Safety
TradeMark is first and foremost a people- orientated business. We have adopted a proactive approach to managing the health and safety of our employees, alongside our clients and general public who will be effected by our operations. We run an internal auditing programme where continual self-evaluation and improvements are implemented. Every project we undertake has a detailed site-specific safety plan created to identify potential hazards associated with our activities and management steps required to either eliminate, isolate or minimise the risk. TradeMark has attained Level II accreditation with ACC for Workplace Safety Management Practices, is a Site Safe member and holds a 'Green light' grading with Appcon. All Trademark staff hold current Site Safe construction passports, and at least one member of each site team has received First Aid training. Weekly toolbox talks are generated in-house to discuss safe practise of activities specific to our industry. All site staff undertake a graduated training programme to prove competency in operating our industry appliances and equipment.

Trademark prioritises investing in a healthy workplace culture, with monthly company- wide BBQ's and regular team-building outings. The family atmosphere and extremely low staff turn-over rates within our divisions are testament to this.

Environmental Protection
TradeMark is a multi-generational family business, so it is our aim to practice sustainable business activities that will leave our children with a healthy planet in which to continue the Trademark legacy. The same analytical processes used for health and safety are used to identify and manage the potential environmental impact of our operations.  Noise, dust and construction waste are all significant by-products of our activities that we seek to mitigate and control.  We also endeavour to lessen the environmental impact of our operations through regular maintenance programmes for our vehicle fleet and mechanical equipment, and are constantly seeking to modernise our roster of equipment to attain greater efficiencies.

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